Terms & Conditions

  1. Emily Little Photography Ltd (for the purpose of this document called “ELP”) will provide specific and agreed photographic services to the bride or groom or individuals or group (for the purpose of this document called “The Client”).
  2. The instruction for the services of “ELP” will be provided by The Client as full confirmation either in as verbal instruction and/or written agreement.
  3. All projects are considered ‘live’ from the point of verbal instruction and/or written agreement.
  4. ”ELP” will provide services such as engagements, weddings, portraits or events (for the purpose of this document called “The Event”).
  5. The contract is an agreement between “ELP” and “The Client” only.
  6. All bookings made by “The Client” are with the understanding that “ELP” is the official and exclusive photographer retained to perform the specific photographic services on behalf of “The Client” requested as part of the agreement which forms the contract, verbal or written.
  7. “ELP” reserves the right to substitute a photographer in the event of illness, force major, a bereavement, injury, severe illness or other serious reason.
  8. “The Client: agrees to grant “ELP” creative and artistic license. The judgement of “ELP” in all aspects will be deemed to be correct.
  9. Requested images cannot be guaranteed. This is due to the willingness of any subject, nature of the subject, changes in weather, or any other conditions or stipulations out of the control of “ELP” such as; venues or other suppliers involved in the process. “ELP” endeavors to work within the stipulations, and they must be respected at all times by both “The Client” and “ELP”.
  10. A minimum deposit of £300.00 is required to secure “The Event” photographic shoot date, the remaining balance is due 30 days prior to “The Event”.
  11. Once instruction has been received from “The Client” by “ELP” an invoice to “The Client” will be raised for “The Event”. The invoice will be for a minimum deposit or if within 28 days of “The Event” for the full amount.
  12. No part of the order including service at “The Event” will be delivered until the invoice amount is received in full by “ELP” .
  13. All deposits received are non-refundable.
  14. Should “The Client” need to reschedule, for any reason, a minimum of 28 days’ notice prior to “The Event” is required.
  15. Only if this timescale is adhered to will “ELP” be able to reschedule the pre-agreed date/dates although this may incur additional costs.
  16. If “The Client” reschedules for any reason within the 28 day required notice period of “The Event”, this will incur additional costs of 50% of the full contract value, plus any additional charges such as travel and accommodation.
  17. In the event of “The Client” cancelling or postponing “the event”, “ELP” cannot guarantee availability for future dates. All charges still apply.
  18. If “The Client” cancels “The Event” and/or no longer requires the service of “ELP”, at any time, no refund, or deposit, or balance can be returned.
  19. “The Client” will remain fully liable for the full cost of “The Event” at al times.
  20. “The Client” agrees that they are fully liable for the full value of, any costs attached to “The Event” for research, engagement or styling shoots.
  21. “ELP” is unable to accept liability or responsibility if it cannot perform the contract due to fire or other casualty, stroke, act of God or other cause beyond control, illness or emergency.
  22. Exact results and images from “The Event” are not and never will be guaranteed. This is due to numerous and various factors, out of the control of “ELP”.
  23. In the extremely rare case of equipment failure the liability of “ELP” is relative to the contract value.
  24. “ELP” cannot be held liable for perceived value.
  25. “ELP” is not be liable for any amount in excess of “The Event” value and “The Clients” order.
  26. The failure to settle the final balance prior to “The Event” for any reason, will result in “ELP” cancelling the scheduled services.
  27. Emily Little Photography maintains Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance at all times.
  28. “The Client” is aware that colour dyes and Jpegs deteriorate over time due to the inherent qualities of current technology and “The Client” releases “ELP” from any liability for any claims whatsoever based upon deterioration/fading/discolouration due to inherent technology.
  29. ”ELP” cannot take any responsibility or liability for colour balance or quality of any prints reproduced from the images supplied by “ELP” including but not exclusively to Third Party Printers such as High Street Photo processing and/or printing shops and/or home printing devices.
  30. “ELP” offers “The Client” access to professional private labs through the client area. These labs calibrate their printers to our high standard of editing processes.
  31. “The Client” has no obligation to order prints or products through “ELP” using the images provided from the event, however “ELP” will not be liable for third party products and/or services reproduced from the images.
  32. Under UK Law copyright of the images will always remain with “ELP”. The agreement between “ELP” and “The Client” permits a shared use agreement allowing “The Client” to use the images delivered by “ELP” in any manner except for monetary gain without prior express permission and credit is given to “ELP” in any publication. The image rights agreement is granted to “The Client” only. The images may not be sold on to any other company unless prior agreement is given.
  33. Only upon the point of full settlement will the agreement transfer in full to “The Client”
  34. “ELP” requests that when images are shared on social media that proper credit is given to the images.
  35. “ELP” requests if images are put on public view and credited that the images are not doctored, edited or manipulated in anyway and are produced as delivered from “ELP”.
  36. Images released by “ELP” are deemed to be technically correct.
  37. “ELP” produces a reportage photographic style that is candid and natural.
  38. “The Event” is shot as it happens and will not be staged in any way. Any group shots are those requested by “The Client”. “ELP” will not be responsible for subjects within requested photographs such as but not limited to blinking, talking, looking out of the framed shot.
  39. “ELP” will not tolerate verbal or physical or sexual abuse or abusive behaviour.
  40. “ELP” will not share time with or compete with guest photographers, or repeatedly spend time requesting the attention of subjects.
  41. Harmful guest conduct that interferes with the photography may seriously affect the quality of the images taken and increase the number of times photos must be re-taken.”ELP” will not be liable for the effects on the results in these instances.
  42. If the conduct of any guests, or friends of the guests at “The Event” damage any of the equipment belonging to the photographer(s), it may result in the early or immediate departure of the photographer
  43. “The Client” will be fully liable for the repair or replacement of any damaged equipment.
  44. Due to the nature of printed products provided by third party agents and/or digital downloads, refunds cannot be issued unless a technical failure has occurred in the printing/delivery process.
  45. Please ensure you have viewed proofs before purchasing prints or purchasing downloads. Refunds cannot be issued for a change of decision once the images and/or prints and/or printed products have been received.
  46. When purchasing prints through your client area ensure that crop ratios are checked before purchase. All images are provided in a 6:4 aspect ratio. It is “The Clients” responsibility for checking print aspect ratios in relation to the print being ordered. Refunds cannot be offered for incorrect crop selections.
  47. Styles of work are available to view prior to commissioning “ELP” to photograph “The Event”. By instructing Emily Little Photography to document “The Event” you are also commissioning the style of photography and creative process.
  48. Images will be provided after the event in JPG RGB format only.
  49. It is “The Clients” responsibility to ensure permission for photography at “The Event”
  50. If “ELP” is denied permissions or is restricted by “The Event” or other third parties, “ELP” will not be liable or held responsible for the lack of images captured and/or types and/or reduced style of the images captured. However, we will always endeavour to work around this where possible. We reserve the right to making the best decision possible deemed at the time to work around such obstructions.
  51. Under the Data Protection act of 1998 “ELP” is not allowed to capture images of certain documents or processes.
  52. As the official photographer at “The Event” it is “The Clients” responsibility to ensure “ELP” has priority.
  53. The enthusiasm of guests taking photographs with cameras and/or smart phones and/or tablets at “The Event” can negatively impact and affect the resulting image or images. “ELP” cannot be held liable for the conduct of guests and the negative effects this may cause.
  54. ”ELP” encourages “The Client” to back up all types of digital media provided by “ELP” to a USB or DVD or External hard drive or Hard drive or cloud based service. “ELP” cannot be held responsible for disc failure or loss of files by “The Client”.
  55. The Terms & Conditions are subject to UK Law.
  56. These Terms & Conditions supersede all previous


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